Дълъг формител Gostol Slovenia VIP 1

Gostol Gopan


Дълъг формител Gostol Slovenia VIP 1

The VIP-1 is a machine designed for moulding long loaves with regular and uniform shape from all types of wheaten dough.
Its simple design and sturdy construction make this machine a perfect moulder for smaller and medium sized bakeries.

  •  Quick, precise and simple setting of the centring flaps, rollers, board and lateral guides.
  •  The machine is movable on castors.
  •  The rollers are made of a special material preventing the dough from sticking.
  •  The main mechanical components are easily accessible facilitating their cleaning and maintenance.
  •  Its sturdy construction ensures the machine a long lifespan.

Basic version of the machine includes:
- two pairs of rollers
- Teflon coated inlet hopper
- Teflon coated and adjustable lateral guides
- wrapping mesh
- adjustable moulding board


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