Циклотермичена тунелна пещ за хляб Gostol Slovenia

Gostol Gopan


Циклотермичен тунел за хляб Gostol Slovenia

Our cyclothermic tunnel oven is an universal oven, used for continuous baking of any type of bread 
and pastry at temperatures up to 320°.  It can be used as an independent unit or within automated 
production lines.

  • Under-pressure heating system, safety flaps and other safety mechanisms assure a high level of safety of the oven operation.
  • Continuous adjustment of baking time and temperature. 
  • High-quality insulating materials ensure energy saving and better efficiency.
  • The oven can be equipped with a forced air circulation system in the baking chamber, which assures a better transmittion of the heat on the product which is recommended especially for tin-bread.
  • The oven can be equipped with an automatic draught regulation in the combustion chamber, which contributes to the energy saving.


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