Dough divider MARK and dough divider with automatic check-weigher MARK ATT

Gostol Gopan


The dough divider MARK is an automatic volumetric divider, designed for dividing (almost) all typesof dough. The possibility of changing the dividing from 1- to 2- or 3- or 4- pockets assures a wide dividingrange and high capacity. Two models are available: MARK and MARK ATT. Both models are equiped withan electronic control panel (PLC) for automatic operation.The MARK ATT version is completed with an automatic weight-checking unit, which corrects the weighingaccuracy in case of weighing deviations over the operator’s selected weight limits.

  • The possibility of producing different products in thesame line, which is enabled by the design of the suction mechanism.
  • Large weight and capacity range.
  • The hydraulic regulation of the pressure in the dividing pockets assures the possibility of dividing even the softes types of dough with a minimim impact of its porosity.
  • High dividing accuracy.
  • The integrated software proposes the user the correct combination of pistons and the number and size of the dividing pockets with regard to the selected weight and capacity.
  • The divided dough pieces can leave the machine in one or two directions, and thus the machine can supply two moulding lines.
  • It can be employed in complete automatic make-upplants or integrated into existing lines.
  • All parts in contact with dough are made of alimentary irreproachable materials (piston from bronze, dividing and suction mechanism from Ni-resist).
  • The electronic control panel (PLC) assures completely automatic operation.

Basic version of MARK includes:
- stainless steel plating
- inlet conveyor
- outlet conveyor
- hopper 60 l
- bowl scraper
- electronic control panel (PLC)

- inlet conveyor 2x500 mm
- outlet conveyor 750 mm, 1000 mm, 1250 mm
- hopper 120 l, 170 l
- hopper lubrication

Basic version of MARK ATT includes:
- basic machine (MARK)
- automatic weight-checking unit
- servo weight adjustment
- servo regulation of suction volume

- inlet conveyor 2x500 mm
- outlet conveyor 750 mm, 1000 mm, 1250 mm
- hopper 120 l, 170 l
- hopper lubrication


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