Dough divider with automatic check-weigher SOCA ATT

Gostol Gopan


The dough dividers SOCA ATT is an automatic dough divider designed for dividing of all types of dough, including soft and stiff types of dough, wheaten and especially rye dough types.The dough divider (SOCA NM) is equipped with anautomatic check-weigher that ensures the maximum dividing accuracy by discarding the dough pieces that exceed the preset weight limits, as well as it automatically adjusts the weight of the divided dough pieces in case of excessive deviations.

  • The electronic control panel (PLC) allows the automatic adjustment of all relevant parameters(capacity, dough pieces’ weight, speed of dough charging into the dividing chamber, weight limits etc.),as well as it displays all statistical data and fast input of new recipes. 
  • High dividing accuracy. 
  • Automatic lubrication of all mechanisms. 
  • The knife’s lubrication prevents the dough from sticking. 
  • Regulation of the dough pieces’ shape by swapping the diaphragms. 
  • All machine parts coming in contact with dough are made of stainless steel. 
  • Easy access to all parts in contact with dough facilitates the machine’s cleaning. 
  • The machine’s sturdy construction ensures a long life span of the machine. 

Basic version of the machine includes:
- dough divider SOCA NM
- automatic check-weigher ATT
- servo-adjustment of dough pieces’ weight
- electronic capacity adjustment
- electronic control board (PLC OMRON)

- hopper 190 l
- hopper 235 l
- flour dredger with continuously adjustable dredging intensity
- electronic components and central processing unit SIEMENS


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