Conical dough rounder SABOTIN 1 and SABOTIN 2

Gostol Gopan


SABOTIN 1 and SABOTIN 2 rounders are designed for intermediate and final round-moulding of wheaten dough pieces. Moulding on conical rounders gives the dough an optimal round and smooth shape, which is the basic condition for high final product quality.

  • All machine parts in contact with dough are Teflon coated, which prevents the dough from sticking.
  • The machine can be additionally equipped with a heater or a fan for blowing in hot or cold airfor additional prevention dough sticking.
  • Simple machine cleaning and maintenance.
  • Silent operation.
  • Sturdy construction of the machine ensures a long and trouble-free life-cycle.
  • The machine is movable on castors.
  • Possibility of installation into automatic plants.
  • Charging is possible from 3 sides (3, 6 or 9o’clock).
  • Lengthened track and additional cylindrical partof the cone in SABOTIN 2 enable a more intensive dough rounding. 
  • Simple control through an electronic control panel (SABOTIN 2).

Basic version of the machine includes:
-  Teflon coated cone and spirals
-  stainless steel platings
-  mechanical flour dredger
-  Teflon coated outlet chute

-  air blowing device
-  inlet conveyor
-  outlet conveyor


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