SInmag SE741F - deck oven

Sinmag Europe


Deck oven for 4 trays 40/60 or 3 trays 40/80

* Separate settings for floor and baking chamber temperature
* Standard with steam device
* Standard with heat-resistant stone bottom plate
* Timers for setting of baking time and steam application
* Options: prover SM-12P / Extraction hood

This deck oven can be combined with similar deck ovens but also with convection ovens. 

Motor power per deck (kW)  7.68
Net weight for one deck (kg)  300
External dimensions (mm) (L x D x H)  1750 x 1843 x 470
Dimensions of baking chamber (mm) (L x D x H)  1300 x 900 x 220
Tray dimensions (mm)  400/600 or 400/800
Tray capacity  4 x 400/600
3 x 400/800


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