Междинен профер Gostol IK

Gostol Gopan


Междинен профер Gostol IK
The intermediate proofer IK is designed for intermediate resting of wheaten and rye-wheaten 
(with a content of rye flour up to 30%) dough pieces between round and final moulding operations, 
allowing the products to obtain the optimal elasticity and structure required for high quality final moulding.

  • Complete adaptability to the requirements of the bakery concerning both space limitations and product’s characteristics.
  • Automatic loading, adapted to the whole line’s capacity.
  • Resting pockets made of a material preventing dough sticking and moisture absorbtion.
  • Easily removable resting pockets.
  • Germicide lamps preventing mildew.
  • Inspection window.
  • Easy access facilitating cleaning.
  • Teflon-coated dough transfer and out-feed system

The basic version of the device IK includes:
-  V-shaped loading conveyor
-  Plastified platings
-  Welded steel frame, painted
-  Germicide lamps
-  Inspection window

-  Stainless steel frame and platings
-  Adjustable resting time
-  Heating and humidifying device (isolated platings required)
-  Humid air removal fan
-  Additional protection of inspection windows with safety switches


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