Sinmag SM-630Е - ламинатор за тесто

Sinmag Europe


Ламинатор за тесто с подкрепа и работна ширина 58 см.

* Manual operation or by means of pedals
* Large roller opening (up to 50 mm)
* Solid lever for roller setting
* Conveyor belts in PVC
* Belt speed 60 cm / sec.
* Tables can be raised after operation and are easily removable

Type  Model with support
Working width (mm)  580
Conveyor table length (mm)  2 x 1400
Gap between the rollers (mm)  1 - 50
Dimensions in operation position (W x D x H) (mm)  3480 x 1030 x 1270
Net weight (kg)  240


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