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The automatic final proofer FKP is designed for proofing of moulded dough pieces before baking.
Dough pieces obtain a proper shape, volume and structure, assuring a high quality of the final product.
The FKP is suitable for medium or large sized industrial bakeries for the proofing of heart baked products, pan bread or products baked on baking trays.

  • Completely customised solutions to meet perfectly the product’s technological characteristics, bakery space limitations, environmental conditions and baking process requirements.
  • Solutions available for heart baked bread and pastry, pan bread, products baked on baking trays as well as for large product assortments.
  • Abundant isolated panelling preventing thermal waste and assuring stable climatic conditions inside the proofer.
  • Adjustable climatic conditions for perfect proofing results.
  • Adjustable proofing time without affecting the production capacity of the proofer and the whole production plant (for hayracks and carriers with baskets).
  • Computer controlled integration with other equipment in the production plant assuring a synchronised functioning of the whole plant.
  • Adaptability to the bakery’s requirements, both concerning space limitations and desired
  • production parameters.


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