Lobbi is a company with a big portfolio of products and vast number of partnerships with leading international companies from around the world: Europe, Asia, USA, Africa. 


Lobbi Bulgaria

Is one of the best suppliers of raw materials and equipment for the food production industry, animal feed industry and the pharmaceutical industry.


In our aim to be of full use to our customers we constantly enlarge the product range we offer. We carefully select quality products with competitive pricing and we offer them to our customers, together with the technology to apply them. We control the origin and the quality of the ingredients, we conduct training in our own training bases, we share best practices and the production techniques to our clients. We offer ow know-how to all our customers starting from the technologies, the recipes, the right ingredients and equipment and we continue with the production of the end product and its successful placement in the market. We take care to perfect the quality of the products we offer to Lobbi’s customers in order to guarantee the competiveness and the development of their business and to help them reach a more healthier and better way of living. We make sure that we are the leaders in innovations, that we keep permanent contact with our clients and that we are always available for them. Our long experience, our professional team and the constant investment are the drivers behind our success throughout the years and the trust of our customers.