Question Answers

Taking into account the dynamics on the market what should we expect in the future from Lobbi?

We will continue to create and offer to our customers only the products which have a future. On the grounds of our experience and knowledge for what the producers-retailers-end customers need. 

Taking into account the fact that the purchase power in Bulgaria is lower than the average in Europe, are the products you offer competitive in relation to pricing for the local market? 

Our products are always competitive. One will ask how is this possible? – This is possible when you plan big volumes of raw materials for 12 months ahead. This is how we can achieve lower costs and respectively more competitive prices without changing the quality of the products we offer.

What differentiates the products of Lobbi in the market?
- uncompromised quality and every time a competitive price which lead to better sales for us and our customers;
- Our products are always accompanied by services and technological assistance from our experts and demonstrators.


What kind of solutions do you offer to bread producers and patisserie producers?
Our company is specialized in those industries. Lobbi is providing also services to design, deliver machines and equipment, install, train, recipe development, technology and at the end daily supply of ingredients. The most valuable asset we offer is not only the right machine or ingredient! The most valuable asset are the ideas to create the product – from the recipe, the technology, the design of the packaging, i.e. we create or improve the business of our customers.